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  1. Is it possible to make the Move tool the default option rather than the view tool? I have tried removing the view tool (hand symbol) from the toolbar altogether as I very rarely use it and if I do need it I just need to hold down the space bar and drag, so it is a bit redundant and gets in the way as every time I think I am using the Move tool and I end up dragging the view around the screen, then have to switch to the Move tool, very frustrating for me. I really hope it is something I can set and if it is not then it should be available, I really need to set Move tool as default.
  2. I have looked through all the preferences screens and cannot find anything regarding this "feature" so maybe you can help point me i the right direction. Every time I change the size of an image document the new image is shown full screen, I don't mind if the image is larger than the actual screen size, that would be fine, but when the image is smaller than the screen it is annoying that I then have to hit CMD 1 to show it as normal size. Either display it as normal size or at least leave it set to whatever it was prior to the resizing of the document, would be great if this was a setting that could be adjusted for personal preference. Thanks.
  3. When saving after I click another file to use the same filename and then edit the filename so it is using the same details but slightly different, I click save but get an empty box as though the finder has tried to open a folder but that folder has nothing in it. See attached. I was saving a file called grand-motorbilia-day-bikes but first clicked on a file called grand-motorbilia-day-viper and changed the end bit to bikes. This happens very occasionally but when it dos I cannot do anything other than force quit. Sometimes when restarting it has a recovery file but in most cases not.
  4. dradept

    Save displays empty box

    Thanks Chris, Good luck.
  5. dradept

    Save displays empty box

    I am using High Sierra 10.13.6 I don't right click or rename a file. I only click a filename to use it as a start for the name of the new file.
  6. dradept

    Save displays empty box

    Hi Chris, May have been me that reported originally, not seen any answer to this and it is still occurring. I have attempted to extricate myself from this in many ways, including escape, various CMD ALT, CTRL, and combinations, nothing works. This is the save window no other app or window is interfering, the save dialog is getting confused or maybe thinks it is opening a folder rather than a file. Usually only happens when saving and selecting a filename that already exists and then changing the name before clicking save button. Doesn't always happen and I am not sure what occurs prior to make this happens. I could have saved a dozen files without incident and then BAM I need to force quit. David
  7. dradept

    Export bug

    Exporting in Affinity Designer on Mac I have encountered this error a few times but not necessarily every time I export. Usually when I need to export as a similar name to one that already exists. I select to export the file, change the file type and size then click export. Then I find the folder to export to and select a filename that I want to call the file but then add something to the end such as -white or -logo or -newversion etc. This then looks like it is going to show a different folder but clears the export window (see attached image) entirely and does not allow anything else to be done, all keyboard use produces a beep and mouse does not work on any buttons. I have checked all background tasks and there is nothing showing, no windows or option or error boxes. I cannot select any other part of the screen and cannot return to the work in progress and so have to force quit and recover files (if lucky). Help! This is most frustrating.
  8. When exporting everything works fine unless I select another file to use as a name for that export. For instance I might want to export a file with the same name as a previous file but change the name slightly, rather than typing the name in completely (which works) I select the name first then make the changes to that name, if I do this it shows a grey export box and does not proceed, I then have to Force Quit. The example image shows the new name, all I did was add th_ to the front of the file name. Click export and this screen is displayed. No escape from this other than to Force Quit and try again. Selecting a filename from the list takes forever as well I usually have to click on a file about 4 or 5 times before it is accepted. I use a WACOM Bamboo tablet with the latest drivers.
  9. Same thing happens every time for me. Tried with mouse and worked OK. Seems to be with Bamboo Tablet. Time for an upgrade I think. Thanks for your help Chris.
  10. Hi Chris, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 David
  11. dradept

    File icon is blank

    Ignore my previous post, I moved Affinity Designer to trash then opened trash and selected Put Back, this seems to have done the trick.
  12. dradept

    File icon is blank

    Is this problem being worked on as I have lost all my icons/previews for Affinity Designer since the last update! All affinity files are showing as blank icons. Not easy to find a file I need to work on as I may have a dozen different files of differing layouts/sizes/colour schemes, finding the right one is taking forever.
  13. I have found when resizing an object with constrain on, it works until I move my Bamboo pen and then it is squashed. Object size in this case is 1024 x 768 I resize to 84px and the constrained height changes correctly to 63px Everything looks good on the screen until I move my pen into the workspace and the height is squashed to 5px. Is this a bamboo issue or an Affinity Designer issue?
  14. This is exactly what I would like, I sometimes copy an area of an image and then need to create a document the exact size before pasting in that image. Photoshop and fireworks does this and it saves a huge amount of time. New from Clipboard creates the document with the precise dimensions of the clipboard. Another option would be to be able to trim the canvas to the size of whatever is within it.

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