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  1. I have a logo I've been working on for a client and was almost finished, just waiting on some more feedback. I received feedback today and went to open the file and it says that it's corrupted on my mac hdd and the same for the backup copy on my usb drive. I even tried opening it on a windows machine and same issue. Please help, I really don't want to have to start from scratch. Is there any way to recover my work? Yukon Leatherwork Logo.afphoto
  2. That's quite disappointing to have to buy a brand new license. I get that the numbers are seperate and all but I would think proof of purchase would be good enough to swap OS. I'm not asking to leave it active on both OS, I thought it would be just simply deactivating the MacOS version and getting a key for the Windows version. I can even send the non blurred version to an official email.
  3. I am in the process of transitioning from Mac to Windows. I have attached a screenshot of my Payment verification as well as Mac App Store Purchases of your software. Is there any way to get a Windows product key?
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