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  1. @NathanC Sorry for the M.I.A, Had a few work things come up and put this on the back burner, After looking through the list of 'known third party' software that interfere I found that RivaTuner was on the 'low' setting I turned it off and the applications started up perfectly. Thank you for the constant help and knowledge provided
  2. I've sadly already tried the OpenCL solution, sadly with no luck. I have also gone through and updated all drivers and tried reinstalling them. I don't understand how I can create a new profile and it works instantly, It would be using the same version of every driver I use on my main profile would it not? I have uploaded the new crash too see if that has anything new in it. Hopefully 😛 bf9f8bec-2834-4182-8cce-e79c747a30df.dmp
  3. Hey @NathanC Great news, creating the new temp user, I was able to install and run both Affinity applications flawlessly. I then went on to my main profile and noticed the apps had been installed (Transferred from the other user), So I tried running photo but it crashed, So we now have a new updated crash log finally, I have attached it down below 6260b7ac-ee04-4d48-82f8-ef562ff49083.dmp
  4. Also adding on, Paused my anti virus (Kaspersky) and affinity Designer & Photo is still just popping up in my task bar, then disappearing, So safe to say my anti-virus is not interfering.
  5. No new crash logs, the latest one I have is from the 20/03/2022, I have uploaded that just in case it shows any indication to the problem. No new crash logs though from me trying to launch the applications. 2dd0617d-6632-4828-9876-7ae57b2c9350.dmp
  6. Hey @NathanC It seems to be crashing before even starting up, It does the same thing when I tried reinstalling it, now the Installer won't even run, I run it as administrator, it pops up on my tab, then just shuts down with nothing popping up at all
  7. I have been trying to launch affinity photo and designer for the last 3 months, trying all the different tricks others have used, such as changing colour profile in colour management, dotnet fix tool, etc. I had both applications working on version 1.9.2 when I first bought the product, So I thought trying to reinstall those versions would be my safest bet. I've checked my %temp% and found the startup logs, I hope this can be of use: +Startup: 23/05/2022 6:02:28 PM +OS version: 10.0.19044 +ProductName: Designer +ProductType: Retail +Opening HKLM... + OK +Opening registry key: 'SOFTWARE\Serif\Affinity\Designer\1'... + OK +Reading registry data... + Designer Install Path: [not found] + Designer Desktop shortcut: 1 +Getting ProgramW6432 environment variable... + OK +Install path not found, using default: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer +Opening MSI database: Affinity.msi +Opening database view: SELECT `Value` FROM `Property` WHERE `Property`='ProductVersion' + OK +MsiViewExecute + OK +MsiViewFetch + OK +MsiRecordGetString + Value: +Opening database view: SELECT `Value` FROM `Property` WHERE `Property`='ProductCode' + OK +MsiViewExecute + OK +MsiViewFetch + OK +MsiRecordGetString + Value: {97E38C19-DA5D-448B-9840-38646582331F} +Install state: -1 + IsThisVersionInstalled: False +Opening database view: SELECT `Value` FROM `Property` WHERE `Property`='UpgradeCode' + OK +MsiViewExecute + OK +MsiViewFetch + OK +MsiRecordGetString + Value: {8D334CF3-2FB7-40EA-A68E-5891CDAD8F53} +MsiEnumRelatedProducts: 259 + IsAnyVersionInstalled: False +ProductCode: {97E38C19-DA5D-448B-9840-38646582331F} +ProductVersion: 1.9.2 +InstallType: Normal +Initialising main window... + OK +Main window loaded +Checking requirements... + OK +DotNetInstall: checking installed version + Found 528372 +Switching to page: Install
  8. Mine has also been doing this, Sadly have not found a solution that works, Been trying all sorts of things (changing the profile on colour management, etc) still nothing is working. It's been nearly 3 months of no affinity....
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