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  1. Hi , We need to use .tif format files. All other softwares showing tif\tiff but affinity showing tiff only. is there any options to change that
  2. Hi, We are using the same .tif file format for production. (Chromojet). We have lots of logo tracing work every day so all file renaming additional work.
  3. Hi I am using the latest and old versions of affinity designer in our company. I have to export all the files in tif format. Is there any option to export as a Tif file instead of Tiff? Thanks & Regards Sujeesh.
  4. Hi Team, Could you please help me to clarify the below doubts. Is there any way we can see wireframe (Line view) view like coral draw. Is there Text statistics option to identify if any text not curved. Is there any option make pixelated gradients (2 color ). How can we edit (skew or Distort) the rasterized image Thanks & Regards Sujeesh.
  5. Hi Team, How can we export tiff files with hard edges. I have tried Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, Bicubic Etc.. all results came same results. Please help me. Thanks & Regards Sujeesh.
  6. Hi Carl, Actually I saw that screenshot, the file sizes are changing but is is not visible in the window. My designers needs to see the values at the time of designing or at the time completion. If the designer missed add the value it could be error. Regards Sujeesh.
  7. Hi Telemax, Thank you for the information, I will install the Affinity Designer and will check and let you know if any doubts. Thanks & Regards Sujeesh.
  8. Hi telemax, We using Zimmer printer for production. The printer is supporting tiff files with above mentioned dpi. We are planning to migrate photoshop to affinity photo, so before that I have to confirm all our required details in the app. Regards Sujeesh.
  9. Hi Carl, Thanks, we are a mat production company. We have to add pointed dpi values to the (76.2/52.5/96.4) to the files so it's critical to us to make production files.
  10. Hi John , Thanks for the information. one more help. do you know how can we change the dpi. I have added the cm\inch sizes but the dpi still showing 2 digit. Actually I need to add the dpi 76.2 but it is only showing 76. is there any way. I have attached the screen shot for your review.
  11. Hi, Is anyone know how can we we see the resolution to one digit after point (76.2). also how can we change the solid colors. Thanks & Regards Sujeesh.
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