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  1. @amyklau I'm creating something similar. Were you able to add the "day of week" automatically with a data merge?
  2. @Dan C Thanks for the reply. Glad to know I wasn't going crazy. I am able to use individual masters and apply them to pages then updating the masters the pages change also...so that's my work around for now.
  3. @Dan C You are correct about JAN MONTH. FOR JAN MONTH master thru JUNE MONTH, where those are applied to pages the pages, the hyperlinks on the pages will update. FOR JULY MONTH. If you apply that master to a couple pages (the file I sent didn't have it applied...sorry) and then update the hyperlink on the JULY MONTH master the updates don't impact the pages. I'm happy to send a recording if this info and screen shots don't help. The video was a lot of bouncing from one page to another.😀
  4. I've attached screen shots. Not sure why one master when I make changes impacts the page and the other master that appears to be setup in the exact same way does not. I'm happy to condense the file and send it. But don't want to share publicly.
  5. I created a master using 3 other masters. Master one is the top navigation and masters two and three handle other hyperlinked navigation. I'm using the three masters individually on some pages. However, I'm using them combined as well – master 4 (M4). I have multiple version of M4 – M4a, M4b, M4c, et. Each M4 has a different set of hyperlinks. Everything works correctly except updating the hyperlinks. For M4a - M4f I have the master applied to pages. When the hyperlinks in the master are updated the pages changes as well. This is the desired outcome. For Mg - Ml when the hyperlinks on the master are updated the links on the pages with the master applied do not update. Is there a special setting to control the master updating the pages? I've looked at Edit Linked and Edit Detached but that seems to be pushing changes upward to the masters not downward. Thanks, Jason
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