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  1. I have started to use Affiinity Photo 2 on Windows 11 home edition version 10.0.22621 on a ROG Strix GA15DH_G15DH I tried adding a luminosity mask to an image. The application becomes unresponsive. citypark.afphoto
  2. THank you for your reply. Yes I always rasterize, but it would be nice if Affinity gave a meaningful message when you try and work on a non-rasterised image with an incompatible function. In this case it was a single layer. I did also suspect the keyboard or mouse so I switched to a wired mouse and the problem persisted. I can see the cursor transition as well when I click and select the Alt key and I can see the function invoked and written to the history window. It just refuses to clone telling me I have not set a source as shown in the image above. The next time it happens I will try and take a video of it.
  3. There was only a sigle layer in the image. I have seen equally erratice behaviour with the selection tool. Sometimes it is impossible to select a section and paste it to a new layer. One ends up with an empty layer, or a copmplete copy of the source layer. Affinity provides no visual feedback as to what is happening. I have not seen this behaviour in previous versions of the product.
  4. Hi, I have been an affinity user for a number of years, I have Publisher, Photo, Designer. I am seeing really unpredictable behaviour with the latest versions of these tools. Tonight I wanted to use the clone brush. I pasted in an image. I made sure it was rasterised. I then held the Alt key and left clicked. The cross hairs briefly turned to a circle. I then tried to paint (as I have done a 100 times before) The History register "Clone Brush Tool", but a message appeared. "You must Alt Click to set a source before trying to clone". I tried numerous times. I made sure nothing was selected. I duplicated the layer and tried on the duplicated layer. Nothing worked. I selected the image and copied it into a new affinity photo file. Same behaviour. No clone. I closed down the program, opened it up again. This time everything worked. I have been hitting this issue repeatedly since the most recent update. A feature just stops working for a period of time, then by creating a new file or restarting the program it works again.
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