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  1. 1: I tried to copy/paste layer fx and styles between layers. Many were in groups. The groups had styles/fx as well. It turns out that pasted fx don't apply to groups that are selected, only their contained layers. I had to either ungroup all groups, or individually go through and select each group individually. 2. I renamed all artboards, which I'd copied from other artboards. I went to export them, and they all retain the name of the copied artboards in the export persona, leading to obvious issues with overwriting and more work for me. 3. [feature request, i guess] - how do I "go to artboard / layer in toolbar"? While renaming all the artboards that I'd copied, I had to go through all of my artboards in the toolbar and find them. I don't appear to be able to rename them by selecting them in the canvas.
  2. FX x/y values can change (e.g. outer shadow spread) when you rotate an object. Also, outer shadow has a slightly different render spread when facing up as opposed to down (e.g. 90º vs 270º). It's a little longer when facing down (270º).
  3. After cropping an imported SVG (embedded document) and applying FXs to it, I get very strange behavior, where the FXs don't appear overtop of the cropped image.
  4. Can you please add "Find in Layer Panel" to a toolbar in Affinity Designer/Photo? I can't add a shortcut in macOS for it because it doesn't exist in a menu, outside of right clicking something on the canvas. More specifically, I can add it, it just doesn't work. I'm finding myself having to find several dozen layers individually for adjustments because AD's cmd+shift+v often times fails to apply the same sized effects to different layers. This happens to me a lot; I don't know the cause (I haven't resized the layers, but I have rotated them).
  5. SimplyPhy

    Outer Shadow Issues

    I just wanted to note that I ran into an issue with outer shadow affects not rendering on pdf export. Very frustrating, as I didn't discover the issue until after exporting over 80 images which required individual adjustments and exports.
  6. Version 1.5.2 MacOS 10.12.3 2.9 GHz i7 /w Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB 15.4'' 2016 When exporting a 3750px x 2850px PDF CMYK/8 US Web Coated (SWOP) v2, AF's energy usage exceeds 600 for several seconds. Crazy high. The only other program I've seen go above ~250 energy usage (besides a bugged out Sublime Text linter) was ImageOptim when I threw a bunch of very large PNGs at it running multiple compression algs at once. Given that I have to export something like 120 of these, I'm a bit concerned for my hardware.

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