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  1. Hello! Yes, this problem interferes with work. It can be solved in two ways: 1. Uncheck the box in the export settings of the SVG "SET view box" 2. If svg have already been made and there are a lot of them, you can use the micro site that our team made for yourself (throw a file, and they will give you an archive with corrected svg in response) https://rawcdn.githack.com/dgreenru/figma-svg-fix/master/index.html?4
  2. Hello! Found an unpleasant permanent bug. If you have several arbords (there can be a lot of them in a real project) So if you move (for example, by chance) the left upper artboard (apparently from which other artboards begin to receive coordinates), then everything breaks down, all artboards get fractional values of their coordinates. Now I know this pattern, and I struggle with it like this: 1. I create an empty artboard on the left somewhere, block it 2. All the other arbords I create right / below it affinity win Watch the video artboard_fail.mp4
  3. Hello! I have a suggestion Add the ability for artboards to always have integer values for position and size. At the moment, fractional values in the arbord position are very disturbing. If you do not return the integers, during the export of artboard, the image is exported with the wrong size. I can't imagine when artboard may need fractional values. This only creates problems in the work.
  4. Hello Callum! I already have a beta version, and it is great, it works very well But it is officially an unstable version, and I cannot work on the working files in it. I'm really looking forward to when this version comes out of the state of the beta version. Know the date of the official release?
  5. I managed to find a pattern in slowing down work. If both layers and the stroke panel are opened at the same time, everything works very slowly. If you hide one of the panels, the speed is returned Affinity Designer 2019-05-22 20-26-38_2.mp4
  6. Hello! Affinity Designer on mac for a very long time. I liked everything. Now I installed Affinity Designer on Windows. And I cry with bloody tears, I don’t understand why such “delays” are “glitches”. The canvas moves smoothly, but all panels (for example, layers, stroke) work very slowly, especially if they are “disconnected” from the interface. It is also difficult to move the panels, jerks and delays. By the way, in beta version 1.7 there are almost no such problems, everything works smoothly. Except for the layers panel PC configuration: intel i7-9800X CPU@3.80GHz GPU 1080 Ti 32g RAM Windows 10 pro Affinity Designer version (downloaded from site) Can this problem be fixed?
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