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  1. hi, yeah, I'm familiar with the File>New Astrophotography Stack option. I use that for stacking night-sky images where there is no foreground (ie just sky). I'm not sure how it can/will handle stuff with some foreground in it.
  2. Hi I don;t have images at the moment - I'm setup to go out on an astro-imaging session next week (weather permitting). My understanding with multiple Milky Way images is these can be stacked (using DSS or Sequator), then the Foreground image can be added - or vice-versa.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, this is primarily for blending two images taken of the same night-sky view -using different camera settings. One with foreground in focus and one for the sky (Milky Way or similar).
  4. Hoping this question can be answered. I'm new to AP and wondered if the app (windows 10) has a simple Sky Blend (for astrophotography) function - or something similar to PShop's Sky Replacement option? thanks
  5. that's great, but is there any way to set the window size & position as a default?
  6. yes, my question is about Window > Float and if this can be set as a default. It's a pity that - despite (online) requests for this for quite some time, Affinity has never been updated to allow for this. It's one of the few "competition killers" that Photoshop has over Affinity. With a nice UWide monitor, it's an essential to be able to have this as a default. Having to select Window > Float each and every session is a royal PITA, and I suspect, one of the reasons why folk don't make the leap to Affinity. For me now, without this function, I will probably only be using Affinity for its astro-stacking function - and even then only if it does a better job than Deep Sky Stacker. Perhaps in future I'll do well to research what an app can't do, before commiting to buy.
  7. System: ♦ i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 8.00 GB ram, Windows 10 home (64-bit) I'm completely new to Affinity and looking to use it for its new Astrophotography Options. wondering if there is a way to permanently set the application to (I don't know the specific term), have images floating freely, rather than docked. adiitionally, can the "windowed" image be set to a fixed window size? Is it possible to have these set as defaults at startup, rather than having to manually do this every time an image is loaded?
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