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  1. Hi there. It's been over a year since last comment here and we still don't have that option. Please do add it asap. A lot of us simply need it and adding like 10 lines of code should not be that difficult. I'm sick of typing page size every time I need it - I rarely use standard formats that you included. We do with your software more that you expected I guess :).
  2. Pan Pstryk

    Radial Blur - centre point

    OMG - it works perfect! :). Little eureka moment. Thank you. So it looks to me the software is perfect ;)
  3. Hi there Affinity Team Fantastic work with the software. Just one request from me for start. When applying radial blur it blurs the object around the centre of the picture. When I want to blur just a car wheel I would like to be able to choose the centre of the radial blur. At the moment it is useless for me. Or am I missing some options? Best Regards Pan Pstryk

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