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  1. Fascinating. After changing this setting in XNViewMP I noticed a significant change the rendered image. It looked identical to the image presented by Affinity Photo... a bit soft/diffuse. I'm convinced that it was the embedded JPG image that was being presented by Silkypix. I was unable to find a similar setting or preference in Silkypix that would force display of the RAW image instead of the embedded JPG. Looks like Affinity Photo was handling this correctly all along and I was just too naive to understand what I was seeing.
  2. I chose the wrong words here... attempting to express an understanding of what was described. I was thinking about using "parasitic twin" but thought maybe it'd trigger someone. Anywhooo...
  3. Just a quick note to thank everyone who responded to my question. I studied the RAW adjustment options more and found that I was able to achieve greater image clarity and detail than I had previously. Your input is much appreciated!
  4. Thank you. Glad to be here. I'm using macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra on a pimped-up mid-2012 Macbook Pro. To head off the oft-asked question, "Why don't you upgrade your O.S.?" Because upgrading further will disable its dedicated NVIDIA GPU that is unsupported in later versions of the O.S. (and I'm not ready to kick my trusty companion to the curb in exchange for a newer model just yet). I have uploaded a copy onto my Web server. A link is now available on the page I referenced above or click here for a direct download (36MB). Interesting. I tried the Apple RAW engine instead, but saw no notable difference in how the image looked on-screen. It's possible that the laptop's integrated screen doesn't have the super-fine resolution I'd need to observe a change. Thanks for teaching me something new. I was unaware that RAW files contained a JPG side-car.
  5. I recently purchased a Lumix S5 and am evaluating various tools to handle RAW image processing (Affinity Photo included). I've noted that images processed by AP seem to lose detail and generally give the appearance of being more diffused than other RAW extraction tools like Silkypix and XnViewMP. I'm including link here that I hope will provide a little insight into what I'm referring. It'd love to use a single application for processing the RAW files and later handling photo editing, but I'm a disappointed in AP's RAW processing quality. Can you suggest a way that I can improve RAW image handling in AP? Example, different settings in AP's RAW Develop screen? Thanks.
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