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  1. @NotMyFaultAre you sure you didn't turn on horizontal motion blur for that display in your System Settings? 🙂
  2. @NotMyFaultI understand what you are asking, and it's still irrelevant. My original screenshot shows crisp text next to blurry icons. Your theories so far about display scaling by the OS and this being a non-Retina display would not produce those results. They would cause blurriness across the entire display, not different levels of blurriness 50 pixels apart in the same window. Also see my second screenshot from Monterey, which clearly shows that the display in question is capable of non-blurry icons.
  3. @NotMyFaultYour reply is not relevant. I already shared a screenshot that shows precisely what resolution my display is capable of, because it shows crisp text labels next to blurry icons. For what it's worth, the problem doesn't happen on the same hardware using macOS 12.1. Here's the screenshot for that: If you compare this to the screenshot from macOS 11.6.1, the bug should be apparent.
  4. My UI is blurry in places on macOS: Compare the crispness of the "Cap" etc labels vs the fuzziness of the icons. Designed 1.10.4 on macOS 11.6.1 on 2020 Intel iMac Retina 5K on external Apple Cinema HD 30" display. Problem goes away if I move Designer to the built-in display.
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