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  1. Hello Serif Friends... There's a certain behavior within Publisher that I find particularly annoying: when I hide a layer or layer group that has Text Wrap enabled for itself or for any nested layer within it, those text wrapping settings continue to affect visible text layers. I haven't been sure whether this was intended behavior or a bug and finally did a search here in the forums and discovered that it is indeed the intended behavior apparently to accommodate those who are used to the same behavior within InDesign. While I get that reasoning and I can certainly see the merit in having
  2. Hello... So I've been encountering inconsistent export behavior that doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it and it gets SOO friggin frustrating to never know from one instant to the next how Affinity Designer is going to decide to behave - it's incredibly disruptive to my workflow especially since it seems to change every time. Have seen this for at least a couple releases now. Currently on 1.4.1 as updated from the MAS. What I'm experiencing: When I have an artboard selected within a document with multiple artboards and I go to File > Export..., sometimes the export mechani
  3. Hello... I have to admit that I've gotten to the point where I am preparing to migrate all my work back to Adobe Illustrator after being a fan of Affinity Designer from the beginning - I purchased it from the MAS, was impressed immediately and quickly adopted it as my daily graphic design tool, replacing Illustrator (even though my company pays for Adobe CC for me). But over the last few months, Affinity Designer is becoming increasingly unusable - so many bugs and I don't have time to log in here and report them all. I'm usually far too swamped with projects and it's bad enough I've had t
  4. Thanks, MattP! For what it's worth, my opinion is that allowing it to be used on a pixel layer seems like a no-brainer. There are many tasks that can be accomplished in multiple ways. Why create a support headache by restricting a tool for the sole reason that there are other ways it can be done? You'll just end up with users wondering why it's not working when it seems like it should. I can respect a desire to avoid bloat in an application, but it's not like you'd be adding a new tool. The tool is already there. All you're doing is allowing the user one more choice as to how best to achieve a
  5. Yes, Chris_K. That's exactly right. Sorry I didn't specify. It should work on a pixel layer, yes? I was fairly certain I used to be able to use it on a pixel layer, but I'd be willing to admit to being wrong about that. Hi, Matt...thanks for all your hard work! Much appreciated! I downloaded and installed the new beta. Transparency tool no longer results in a crash and does in fact work as expected on a vector layer. However, while it no longer crashes the program, the transparency tool does nothing when attempting to apply it to a pixel layer (assuming the expected behavior is tha
  6. Hello... I know that beta builds carry with them the risk of things like this happening, so this isn't a complaint, just an FYI. While using the latest Affinity Designer Beta build (26820) on the latest El Capitan Developer Beta build (15A244d), attempting to use the transparency tool results in a crash of Affinity Designer Beta. Happy to provide more details to help if needed. Thanks for your amazing products and even more amazing and prompt support! Serif rocks! ~ PixelPoetix
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