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  1. Old Bruce, Thanks for your reply. I had tried resetting the Studio several times to no avail. The Show Left/Right Studio options are greyed out though. I did create a Studio preset but only the right floating window (Adjustments etc., another window returned to the preset location. The left tool window did not return to it's preset location.
  2. Hi, I've been using AP for over three years, however, my issue (at least I think it's an issue) is when I open AP the tool windows from last session are all over the desktop and try as I have, they don't seem able to just stick to the image window as in other apps. Although I'm pretty sure this was not the case in previous versions (currently using AP 1.10.5) or in older OSX. Seems I noticed this when I got Big Sur and now Monterey. Although my memory may be failing but I swear that at one time the tool windows stuck like magnitized. Thanks
  3. Greeting and Happy New Year! I've used AP for a couple years on my 2017 27" iMac. Mostly running in High Sierra & Mojave without any issues ever. Recently, I Installed Big Sur on a new external SSD and installed AF. I imported a DNG file from an iPhone 13 Pro and when using the undo brush the entire display ( not just the area of the brush) began to randomly blink brighter then darker but in rectangular sections while using the brush. Also, the same blinking on the display using adjustment sliders .The final edits appeared to be OK but I'm concerned why this is happening as I've had no issues prior running older OS X. Hopefully there's an early solution, Thanks
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