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  1. That was my go to solution. But it wasn’t a ‘stable’ solution because the problem was with the OP. However, the last macOS update seems to have fixed the icon preview problem. Fingers crossed-again
  2. Still having this problem. Seems to be system wide. For instance, Squash3 by RealMac can't open images that have icons instead of icon previews. checking on Apple support to see if they have it as a bug.
  3. Ok. With Photoshop installed and set as default photo processing program, all the preview images returned. But now I have to right click on the preview to open in Affinity Photo. And after processing the previews are correct with image rather than the Affinity icon. This is a significant, in my mind, issue for Affinity. Does Affinity review these forums or do I need to submit a bug?
  4. I reinstalled Adobe Photoshop, changed the default image program to Photoshop and my image icons appeared. It must be how Affinity is handling the preview. I will wait and see if a new version of Affinity Photo fixes the icon preview problem.
  5. No. It appears that the icon is set in the system for all image files regardless of which program created them. I don't think this is an Affinty Photo problem. I am contacting Apple. That you Old Bruce and walt.farrell for the time and patience. I will report back
  6. Nope. Turned Earthdesk off, opened AP and saved an image in png format. No preview-just the icon.
  7. No joy. 1. Turned off internet 2. opened AP and opened image 3. Saved image as new image 4. Same afphoto icon.
  8. I will turn off the internet and see what happens. When I drag an image from the desktop into my documents folder, the icon remains the afphoto icon. Just noticed that this behavior started recently (last month or two) as every image file that was created in January shows the correct preview icon. I can't remember when I finally decided to use AP as the default image processing program rather than Photoshop but that may be another clue about a system configuration....... The background is dynamic but has never interfered with desktop files or folders.
  9. Not for this drive. And any hard drive images and iCloud stored images also have the afphoto icon. Test: 1. I opened an image in Photoshop and saved it with a new name and in a jpg format. 2. I changed the default program to Photoshop just for that image. 3. Opened that image in Photoshop and, made a sharpening adjustment and saved image again. 4. Result: the photoshop image shows up with the afphoto icon! No icon preview. When I space bar open the image from the finder, I get a preview of the image so its not that Affinity Photo is not saving a quick view. And this is system wide with images. Changing the default image program doesn't change the icon. Stuck with a afphoto icon for every single image.
  10. No joy. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe I need to remove and then reinstall AP and see if that clears the problem....
  11. I have that selected already. This is different. I notice now that image files saved as *afphoto appear correctly in the file or desktop but Images saved as *jpg or *jpeg or *png or *tiff, etc. appear only as icons. Frustrating. Something else is going on. It is not Affinity but the OS?
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