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  1. If you look at the slides from the last Apple keynote, you might notice a slide depicting Affinity 2 apps โ€“ even way before Affinity 2 was officially announced.
  2. Honestly, I didn't expect anything else from Serif. They are getting prominent promotion from Apple (like Affinity products being featured in Apple ads/brochures/presentations) in return for the favour of exclusivity; this angers me a lot (I find it hard no to get gross/insulting towards Serif) and I'm utterly disappointed too, but they've made clear that they have chosen their sides (I guess even a poll or petition wouldn't change anything at all) and this is a clear message I'll acknowledge with consumer restraint! ๐Ÿคจ
  3. I agree! I find it VERY disappointing that Serif doesn't even consider releasing an Android version of their products (at least Affinity Photo). Nothing comes close to Affinity Photo when looking for a subscription-free photo editor with a desktop-like GUI; unfortunately, many developers of creativity-centered software (obviously Serif too) have decided to snob out Android in favor of some more exclusive deals with Apple, even if there is a substantial number of Android users out there and not a few of those users would be willing to pay some amounts of money to have an Android version of those apps. ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
  4. Sadly โ€“ and that's the point โ€“ there is not a single alternative to Affinity Photo when it comes to Android apps. Especially if you're looking for a photo editor with desktop-like UI and with no subscription plan. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are only available by subscription, same applies to On1 Photo Raw, Snapseed has a rather smartphone-like UI, Pixlr E is not available for Android, Pixelmator neither etc. I've been investing a LOT of time searching for some usable photo editor for my Samsung Tablet (S7+) and I had to resign. Now I somehow get along with using Samsungs built-in photo editor and/or Snapseed for simple image editing and using PhotoPea in the browser for more serious photo editing stuff (when it comes to make local adjustments and/or working with layers), but switching between different photo editors is not an ideal solution. So I wish Affinity would finally recognize they'd face no serious competition if they were bringing Affinity Photo to Android, but they don't seem to care a lot resp. prefer to stay with the "cool kids" (namely Apple)... What a shame!
  5. Well, things are not gonna get better for the Google Play Store, if software developers like Serif continue to offer their apps exclusively for iOS. I mean that's even the point: if you're looking for a subscription-free photo editor with a desktop-like GUI, you'll find plenty of choices in the Apple App Store. But if you're a Android user resp. own an Android tablet, there is AFAIK not a single photo editor of this kind. You'll find some excellent graphic suites like Krita or Clip Studio paint, but when it comes to photo/image editing, you'll have to get along with either Adobe Products (meaning you'll have to subscribe for some kind of plan) or some photo editor for smartphones. So looking at some other comments here, there is a strong demand coming from Android users, but no software developer ready to jump into the breach and provide an adequate offer. This is some kind of vicious circle: There is no graphic/creativity section in the Play Store, because too many developers develop exclusively for iOS and โ€“ on the other side โ€“ developers say they won't develop for Android because there is no graphic/creativity section in the Play Store resp. because Apple seems to be more commited to the creative community. Well, it's about time someone makes the first step and breaks that vicious circle; I would be glad if it were Serif... P.S.: I'm not a programmer, but as far as I know, Linux and Android have so many things in common resp. share the same core technology. So, porting Affinity Photo to Android would eventually be like killing two birds with one stone, as much of the programming work would be done not for one system, but for both.
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