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  1. Hi, In this post I post a link to a video that show 3 bugs, I explain in the post the time where bugs are. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33010-af-use-of-grey-card/ Regards.
  2. Sorry harrym, no sound on video, I'll try to explain: 00:17 - Select White Balance Tool 00:20 - Click on grey 18% zone 00:24 to 00:44 - Set your adjustments, as you on can see White Balance section, ºk is 3403 and tint -8 00:45 - Show Clipped High Lights and Shadows 01:35 - Save Preset with name 'SpiderCube' 01:45 - Save by second time Preset with same name, (I think this is a bug, AP doesn't show message that all ready exist) 01:59 - Save by third time Preset with same name 02:10 - Load new image 0:2:26 - Apply preset previously saved with name 'SpiderCube', on this step, white balance are disable (second bug), you just need to enable, (third bug, temperature is 5867ºk not 3403 and tint -5 02:39 - Delete Presets, no need more, must delete all that you created. 0:3:02 to 04:45 - Use of history tool, No tab or tool or Menu shows Presets saved. 04:46 to end - Develop Just to clarify, just need to save one time the Preset, I saved three times to show a bug in AP. Regards
  3. Hi all, happy new year. In video bellow, I show you how to use of a grey card in order to set the correct white balance to your RAWs photos. I used datacolor SpiderCube for my test. As you can see in the video, AF has some bugs on Develop Persona and Preset tool. https://youtu.be/-VuVsMGctfA @Affinity team, please could you check the bugs on the video. Regards. Marco Vazquez
  4. Hi fmlfoto, this issue fixed on this thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15325-af-13513-rc-wb-issue/ Regards. Marco
  5. Hi, When I open DNG, CR2, NEF files in develop persona and check WB tool to correct temperature, when click up or down arrows in the WB tool, the temperature goes to 2000ºk as image below. I have to press restore arrow and works fine. I'm using AP 1.3.5 and I has had the issue since version 1.3.4 Regards Marco
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