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  1. Thanks it worked. Tried recreating what you did and couldn't seem to (option button)compound subtract text from text. Until I noticed it was working but, for some reason removing the fill colour. Now is there a way to mark this solved?
  2. If you mean colours, I tried this Old Bruce, still not working. I also tried clipping/masking it in Photo without success. Monterey 12.2.1 Affinity Photo 1.10.5
  3. I am attempting to cut the text "CUT THIS" from the letter F. I've converted both "CUT THIS" and F to curves, ungrouped CUT THIS, then used geometry add to make CUT THIS one layer. When I try to cut CUT THIS from the F with geometry subtract I get the result on the left. I cannot click and pull away on the CUT THIS and when it is unselected the CUT THIS outline disappears. I've tried with XOR and Divide with no success.
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