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  1. Hi Walt, I would like this image I sketched horizontal. I would also like to resize it to make it larger. Right now the fly is facing the wrong way. Hard to hook fish like it is now 🙂 I don't know what uploaded. It is taking forever to upload a couple of small files. Maybe the png file made it. I doubt the APhoto file did. Thanks
  2. Hi, I cropped an image that is portrait/verticle. I would like to make it horizontal/landscape. Since I cropped it, I need to rotate the canvas I suppose. Is there another way besides having to constantly click "rotate right" from the view menu? When rotating something that does not take up the whole canvas, there is a line and a circle to rotate the image using the mouse. Thanks
  3. Hi, I can't read the rest of your instructions. I would like option B! Thanks!
  4. This really works! I just sketched something on white paper and scanned it to a png and then used the filter in Affinity Photo and it worked incredibly well! Thanks.
  5. Thank you. That is more of what I would like to do. Highlight a sentence(s) and particular words.
  6. That looks great! Thanks! I missed the background color when looking at the panel.
  7. Hi, If I select some text in a text frame, can I do either to it? Put some color behind it? Besides changing the text color. If I wanted to emphasize a block of text in a text frame (but not all), how would I do that? Thanks, -fp
  8. Well, I am pretty much done for now. I have attached .jpgs of the front and back. Thanks for everyone's help!!
  9. Those look so nice! I will use them and see if I can figure out what you did to the originals. Thanks!
  10. Well I made one using brushes that I purchased and copied and pasted the bead. It came with tons of other types of brushes: https://artifexforge.com/product/neon-ad/ I have only messed around with it and haven't made anything fancy. It is fun! Thanks! I will try your suggestion tonight.
  11. Hi, I organized beads (made from a brush) into different groups. How would I change all their colors at once (from purple to blue, for instance)? I would I change the sizes of the larger/blue ones? Or can not this be done and each one has to be changed individually (there are over 50!). I realize you don't have the brush I used. Not sure if this is a problem. Also, I would like to add an adjustment layer to the smaller, purple ones. Such as "Brightness and Contrast" or "Vibrance", etc... to make them stand out a little more. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! You know what I would like to do, is "raise" the two black and white images and/or make them both silver. Something to make them stand out because the beads are sort of "3D" looking. I am now grouping all the beads into decades so I can make changing their colors easier. At least, I think that will help the process.
  13. Oh, by the way. I am going to make others using what I learned from people in the post of mine with the "Purple Sphere" and use gradients that I learned how from V_kyr and others here. Thanks again all.
  14. Attached is my finished rosary, with Artifex Forge Neon Light Brushes and Chains. I am going to add "instructions" on how to say the rosary and the associated prayers and make a booklet out of it, with Affinity Publisher. I guess I could do the rest in Designer. Thank you all for your help!
  15. Still trying to get the neon-brush stroke to fit inside a circle that I drew. But as far as my resizing problem, I need to select the whole layer and make sure that "Scale with Object" is checked in the layers panel. Nice!
  16. But I still can't use the dot created by the brush by copy and pasting it into a new Designer document. It shows up like I posted above with a tiny circle and outside fill around it. I would like to be able to use these in another document and also different colors.
  17. Yes, that was his neon-dot brush that he used (part of his Neon Brush Pack) to create an example of a round dot/circle. But how did he get it so circle like instead of a glob? I guess I will have to ask him unless you have an idea. Thanks!
  18. I get the same problem/effect when copying and pasting it into a new document. neoncirclenewdocument.afdesign
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