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  1. Hi Walt, Just an update. 25 seconds to load Designer V2 now with a new system and the exe/msi versions. Better that what it was, for sure, but it still struggles on the "loading fonts" part.
  2. It is all the V2 desktop and msi links on this page that don't work: https://store.serif.com/en-us/account/licences/l9bk6h3hnxp3r/
  3. Hi, I have to install all three V2 on a new PC. I would also like the EXE files for them all. The download page for all says "site cannot be reached" -paul williamson -livingston, mt USA
  4. Can't find them any where. I also Googled and found nothing to do with styles besides one result for text styles. Hmmm
  5. No, not from my iPad Walt. From my iPad Affinity Designer V2: I think I know what I am doing wrong now! Thanks for the exercise. I selected the text style icon on the right. No wonder it cannot import anything. I need to find the styles shortcut. On the desktop, it is a tab next to brushes. I cannot find it on the iPad version. -fp
  6. Attached is the look I am looking for. I am going to draw a rope using a rope brush and add stitches but would like to make it look like this is kinda like a throw pillow. -fp
  7. Hi, Especially Style files. I know I was successful importing files from DropBox before but now I can't. What am I spacing out about?
  8. Okay! I think those should work. I have only tried the warp tool once and never liquefy. Thanks!
  9. Hi, What I want to do hasn't been done yet. I want to make it look like a pillow in certain sections. Raised.
  10. Hi, For instance, attached is an example file for Artifex Forge Patchworks brushes. How would I raise a portion inside the stitches like the body of the rabbit, head, body of the bee, etc... Jeremy's example file is in AD V1 format but I have both V1 and V2. Spring-Rabbit-Example File.afdesign
  11. I don't see the Crescent option any where in V2. I will check V1. And how would I fine-tune the gradient? Thanks!
  12. Thanks thomaso!! I will try this next time or maybe I won't even wait until then.
  13. Thanks Walt! For some reason, I had to add it from Customize Tools. Got me! Found some other goodies there too.
  14. I can't find them (or Gradient Fill) on the left or under Customize Tools in Designer or Publisher (and probably Photo too). Thanks
  15. Interesting! Where would the reflector go and where would I get one? I may not do any more pictures of food. I was asked to cook for an Eagle Boy Scout fundraiser for an AED for the local American Legion. I volunteered to do the poster to put around town since it is my food 🙂 Thanks!
  16. Rats. Fontbase does not deactivate fonts. Every font in every application (Affinity, Word, etc...) are all available and load with the applications. Even though when FontBase starts up it says 5,000 fonts inactive and the buttons on the right are all unchecked. I don't get this program. I could go into Windows 10 and deactivate them one at a time but no thanks.
  17. Then it is not possible. Do you know where previous versions of all three V2 apps are? I do not remember them taking over 2 1/2 minutes to load.
  18. Hi, I would like to do that and make the picture look better for a poster that I want to do, which I think will be around 10x14 of usable area. I am guessing that I will want the image to perhaps fill half or 1/3rd of the page. Maybe even smaller and put it on the left or right side with text taking up the rest of the section. The original is 5184x3880 but I made it smaller using Photo V2 to upload here. What happened to the other export file formats that were in V1??? The only option I have is .PNG? I also have a RAW file for it if someone would rather use that one. Thanks! P1000111-1920X1440.afphoto
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