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  1. HerrDerToene

    Color Replacement

    @walt.farrell: yes, that was what I meant! No problem @Wosven: It would but the music notation software doesn’t have an option to export cmyk. And changing the pdf to cmyk in another software will result in colors far off.
  2. HerrDerToene

    Color Replacement

    Not so sure about that. Actually I can't find a color replacement tool in either of them. If anybody knows how to do that I'd be very happy to know.
  3. Looking for a color replacement tool. Here's my scenario: I import pdf file vector graphics from a music notation software. Unfortunately this program is unsuccessful in exporting cmyk-colors which are absolutely needed for print. With Indesign I could search through the whole document including all linked PDFs and replace any specific rgb-color with a cmyk-color. I'm totally not a fan of the subscription model of Adobe, so this feature would make me switch to Affinity Publisher. I'm already using Designer and Photo since Day 1. Replacement presets would be killer. Any chance that's a future feature?
  4. I've tried to erase noise of some photos and noticed a strange behavior. I did the following: 1. Open a Photo 2. Use Filter -> Noise -> Noise Reduction (I'm using the German version, hope it's called that way) 3. Set Luminance Noise to Extrem, and take the slider to a high setting. Everything else is set to default. What I got before rendering, just seeing the preview in the main window is what you can see in Preview.png. What I got after rendering you can see in Render.png. Render looks much worse to me. Is this meant to be or might this be a bug? Thanks for your help. Herr der Töne

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