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  1. Brilliant, thanks MEB Your posts are always informative and I appreciate them greatly. Thank you!
  2. AffinityDesigner, latest app store version. The attached image is on a transparent BG - I need to cut out the "Woo" text so that I can apply a colour overlay to the entire image to make it appear white. This is driving me nuts. Typically I would use a "Magic Wand" type tool to select the white area inside a letter (i.e the "W") and then just hit delete to remove the selection. I've tried going into Pixel Persona and using the "Selection Brush" tool to select the white "W" for example but when I hit delete, nothing happens. Copy & pasting produces a cut out of the "W" which I
  3. This is interesting. I've been using AD for a couple of weeks now and love it but I've only just realised my text is being rasterised on export. This is a pretty big issue for me. Well, for my clients anyway. You mention that it should still export as a vector object as opposed to bitmap but isn't working. You also mention editable text on export will be coming at some point in future. Any news on these?
  4. Hi guys. This may be a feature request but I'm not sure ATM! In Fireworks there is a button called "Fit Canvas" which essentially sets the canvas size to fit whatever objects are currently on the page. I've always found it really useful for setting out my page - I can draw objects/boxes, sometimes overlapping my current canvas. Clicking "Fit to Canvas" then resizes my canvas to exactly the size required, instantly. Does AD have a similar function? Or am I just being lazy? Cheers! :)
  5. Thank you Callum - thought as much. I'm new to the program. Trial expired today and just purchased. :)
  6. I have always been a Fireworks user and when creating web prototypes and mockups, I like to use cursors to show mouseover states etc. See attachment as an example In Fireworks I could drag and drop "smart objects" onto my canvas and this is what I'd use to quickly add a cursor to my mockup. Is there anything similar in AD? I can't seem to find anything so I assume not. Is there some sort of alternative/workaround/best practice? I suppose I could create a PNG with a transparent BG and load the image whenever I wanted to - just wondered if there was something inside AD I might be miss
  7. I've had to re-work some vector illustrations and the file format was .ai - as expected AffinityDesigner loaded it perfectly and I made the changes quickly. I now however need to deliver the updated source file. I realise I can't export to .ai - so what's the best alternative? I know I can export to PSD, PDF, SVG and EPS but I'm not really sure which one to use. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. p.s - Absolutely LOVE AffinityDesigner. Still using the trial version but will be purchasing soon. I hope this community is as useful as the app itself.
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