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  1. Ok have done this and will see how it goes. thank you
  2. Hi, thanks so it ha only started crashing recently and the only thing different is the addition of Topaz noise reduction as an optional add-on. It crashes BEFORE i even get to noise reduction and so seems to have nothing to do with that optional add-on and i have used it without the program crashing so am confused...Topaz works but now AP randomly crashes after a few normal edits? any ideas ? Same system as i have had for years with AP V1 and AP and V2. As i say not tech savvy enough to do anything clever.
  3. Thanks for that. I did see that thread but I have not been using develop persona noise reduction. I'm not sure how to get help. You buy a product. It crashes and you have to mend it by knowing tech stuff. Is there no tech support?
  4. After two months of V2 it suddenly started crashing. The only new thing is adding noise reduction add on. Is this incompatible? I'm not tech savvy so not sure how to get it working again.
  5. Hi Have been using Affinity with great effect with my Canon 70D but recently upgraded to a EOS R. It downloads by Wifi and all looks great on Canon software but when i open up files in affinity they are rubbish quality even though the metadata says RAW. What can I do?
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