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  1. Interesting thanks. I am using LaTeXiT ( generate pdf's of formula snippets. When I drag-and-drop from that app it does not paste where the mouse button was released (unlike with other drop targets such as Adobe Illustrator, or Apple Keynote where it works.) HOWEVER: if I drag to the finder to generate a file formula.pdf and drag that one into Affinity Designer it get's dropped and displayed where I released the mouse button alright. So there seems to be some animosity between these two programs. A.
  2. Hi, I frequently need to add math symbols to my scientific drawings (the arrowheads btw ... :)). In practice this means creating pdf files with latex and drag-and-dropping them onto the affinity canvas. All this works great, however, Affinity decides to rigidly place my dropped images at the same point, somewhere in the middle of the left boundary of the canvas. When importing 20 or so symbols this becomes a pain, they all sit on top of each other. AI behaved different, it put the images roughly where I released the mouse button when dragging them in. After that only some additional fine tuning was necessary to get them fully in place. It's a minor point but when working with complex drawings containing tons of labels it makes a huge difference in the workflow efficiency. Any option I am overlooking, or could there be an easy fix? A.
  3. Cool, many thanks, that was helpful. a.
  4. Hi, I just noted this reply -- just 8 months late ... :) -- I did as you instructed above (had done so when I posted the original message), but it still does not work. It really seems to be a bug. Given that the operation is used so often (at least in my work) it's funny that nobody else stumbled over it.
  5. A typical work cycle (i) apply changes to a drawing (ii) switch to export persona (iii) select slice (iv) overwrite exported myDiagram.pdf, back to (i). Given that this is done over and over again and that the exported file generally remains the same, I find it sub-optimal that the export file dialog always has "slice1.pdf" as default file name. If I called my file "myDiagram.pdf", it would like it better if affinity remembered that name and presented it as the default option next time the window appears. Would that be an option?
  6. I am trying to move the center portions of the figure shown (the left edge of the rectangle along with the right endpoint of the line) while keeping the outer points fixed. No problem in AI: marquee select the center of the figure then move all selected nodes simultaneously. I couldn't manage to achieve this in Affinity, even if the nodes are selected as indicated in the attachment. Any idea what's wrong?
  7. Hi, I guess I belong to that crowd of scientific-drawing people who desperately need arrowheads to escape Illustrator. But there's one more thing. In science drawing, we often need to visualize *flows*. Technically, these are curved lines, carrying multiple and equally spaced arrowheads. No problem in AI: I just create a short line segment carrying an arrowhead, promote it to a PATTERN BRUSH, and put that brush on a Bezier or similar. Question: is it planned to include pattern brushes? (I discovered affinity designer only two days ago, in case they are already included, and I was just to dumb to find them, I apologize for asking a stupid question)
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