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  1. Hey Matt, thanks for the quick reply. gfx.io was the first I checked, but as they write on their page, one should always contact the developers to improve the sitaution. Don't know if you looked into it but there is a nice article at Apple Dev( https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/qa/qa1734/_index.html ) about a parameter that one can switch in order to allow dynamic openGL switching . Anyway using gfxCard integrated only mode it works sweet as well :)
  2. Hi, my laptop is equipped with two graphic chipsets the Intel HD4000 and the GT650M. OSX switches between these on demand, i.e. when using a text editor or preview it uses the HD4000, when launching "demanding" software like SketchUp or SimCity :) it switches to the GT650M. While the GT650M offers a better graphics performance it also decreases the battery range. While using AD I noticed the laptop automatically switches to the GT650M, even when no file is opened. Inkscape for instance just works fine with the HD4000. I was wondering whether it was possible to integrate a switch so that one could design whether to utilize the faster chip for better previews or the integrated one for longer battery time for instance when one is on the go. Of course the HD4000 is slower, but then again the 13inch non retina which apple is still selling as their entry level notebook solely relies on this chip anyway.
  3. Hi, as my nick suggests I live in a large city in central Europe. I'm currently studying business. Last month a friend and I started developing a small game for smartphones. After finding out that Adobe no longer sells but just rents their software, I was looking for an affordable alternative to do some graphic works for the game. Luckily I found your software - and still managed to get the introductory discount :)
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