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  1. No No. I don't copy the image i really drag and drop it from the browser diretly by having both windows parallely open and grabbing the picture from the browser-window and droppin it directly on the artboard in Affinity Designer. Very intuitive fluent style of working - by the way.
  2. Alright thank you! I am asking because Walt spoke about a temp File created be the App when dropping pictures directly from the Browser. So there is no folder which is created? Yes, I understood that and know that from other programs. In case a real Newbie reads this: the embedded pictures need to be collected first in a folder which you save somewhere int the computer via the option in the Ressource Manager and can then be relinked.
  3. Hey R C-R, thank you for taking time to help me out. I have also done that and checked the document settings afterward - the Image Placement Option is still on 'linked' for the doc in general, so that must mean that the document presets are for imported Pictures from the Computer only. Drag & Drop directly from the Browser creates an embedded picture automatically, to my experience. I have no clue where that temp File can be found on Mac if it exists? Do you probably have further information about that too? Would be great! Kind regards
  4. Hey Dan, thank you and thanks a lot for taking time to answer my question. The Resource Manager is helpful! I will use that! Concerning the embedded Pictures: They are just found IN the document? AD doesn't create a file somewhere on the Computer (Mac) additionally where I could relink to or find them, right? Is there an Option that the pictures are automatically resized/ minimized to screen-resolution when dropped to document, so the file does not increase so fast?
  5. I just found out that it is possible to Drag and Drop Pictures directly from the Browser to an Affinity Designer's Document, which I find perfect for quick working and brainstorming. My question is - since the picutres are not linked - are they then embedded in the doc and the docs size will increase the more pictures I drop there? Since pictures from the net are relatively small (in Data-Size) it shouldn't be a big thing to have - lets say 100 oder 200 pictures dropped in? The document also does not become buggy from it, right? Does anybody have insight on that? Would be helpful. Thanks in Advance! Roya
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