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  1. Hi guys, I'd like to share this workflow I just discovered, where you can use Affinity Designer's incredible pen tool to create clothing designs, to be sewn and simulated in Houdini. Youtube link below:
  2. Is pinning available in Photo/Designer? I see it in the Publisher web manual but I don't use Publisher In Photo/Designer going to "view/Studio" there is no "Pinning". The curved text approach looks good too, it behaves well in straight lines, I like that, maybe with some custom font it can do crazy things.
  3. Yes the meaning is that from Wikipedia, it’s a visible line outside a garment. Some people sculpt this then later “bake” it into a texture map. I’m seeing what I can do to avoid the sculpting part. Thanks Jimmy for commenting on the text path, for now I’m more inclined to just go with the pen tool and simple shapes, but I’ll keep an eye on that too for more complex shapes.
  4. Thanks thomaso, good to know there are other ways to achieve it too! I read somewhere in the forum that Affinity does not have a specific tool for seam lines / topstitches, but it seems we can have a lot of variation by combining different layers with different rotations and size of dots, that's great. My idea is to use it as a mask for later applying a more complex fill over it, I use 3DCoat Textura for PBR textures, which will then add color/normal/roughness maps.
  5. Wow! I would never figure that out, my Affinity knowledge still very limited. Thank you so much, that's super amazing!!
  6. Hi, I'm using the pen tool to draw some lines similar to a topstitch, it all works fine but I wonder if there is a way to rotate the dots, in cases where don't want them following the straight line. I attached an image, in red my draft idea. I did not find a way to do this but I think it would be a good feature to have.
  7. Ok thank you, so I'll keep my sunglasses on 😎😄
  8. Hi all, this was probably asked before but I could not find a related topic after searching. Is there a dark theme option for the web forum (I'm on PC/Windows)? I'm new here so maybe I'm not able to customize it yet?
  9. Hello from Brazil, I'm an amateur coming from a non related engineering field. I'm using Affinity Photo/Designer since jan/2021 for things like web design and 3D models/textures. This is an amazing tool, I'm really happy with it! Congratulations on such a great tool!
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