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  1. Thanks I meant like a shape builder, thank you for your contribution though!
  2. I'm experimenting using a grid method to create logos and was wondering if there was a way to merge shapes by clicking and dragging them to connect one another? This is the grid in question: I know about the 'add' shape function in the top right but I need to just click and drag to make custom shapes easily. I know Adobe Illustrator has this function and, so far, I have found that Affinity Designer has been able to do everything that Adobe does so I hope Affinity can do this too. Thanks
  3. @PixelPest Thanks! I did actually end up doing this in the end so we had the same idea aha. Thanks anyways
  4. I'm not sure if this is possible but I was wondering if, when creating a donut, if there's a setting somewhere to change the hole radius from being a percentage (%) to mm ? Thanks
  5. Is there any way to crop in a unique shape instead of a plain quadrilateral? This is the image if it helps:
  6. Oh, lovely! That's exactly what I'd be doing - exporting it as a PDF. So, does this mean it doesn't matter how I lay them out in Designer, when I export it as a PDF all the Artboards will act as uniform pages that you can scroll through?
  7. It's a portfolio for Uni so I will be inserting lots of photos from previous projects. I only have Designer, so I will try with Artboards. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. Yeah, I briefly looked at the artboards but I'm not sure if this will be what I'm looking for (sorry, I'm relatively new to Affinity so I'm not fully familiar with all the functions). You know like a Microsoft Word document, how you can have several pages, I mean like that - my portfolio needs to consist of 15 individual pages. Hope this makes it clearer what I mean.
  9. Is it possible to make a document that has multiple sheets? I'm trying to make a portfolio. Thanks.
  10. Okay, so I accidentally dragged the tab with all my layers on away from where it originally was somehow, creating a lil pop up tab, but then, instead of dragging it back to where it was, I pressed the cross and closed it. All of my work is still there on the page but now I can't find my layers tab. This is only in the Pixel Persona, when I go to the Designer Persona it's all fine. I've tried saving, closing, then reopening but it's still messed up. It's also the same if I open anything and go into the Pixel Persona. Please help.
  11. Oh wow thank you! I did not realise that would work on a pixel layer. For some reason I just thought you could only use them on vector shapes aha
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