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    hudson2800 got a reaction from Ron P. in Layer behaviour like Illustrator   
    Hi @Ron P.Thanks for your questions. Let me explain how I use Illustrator, and how I find Designer confusing.
    In Illustrator, I create 3 layers.
    Top layer: I do all of my drawing, labelling, etc in outline with no fill.
    Middle layer: I add a 'Colour' layer. Add blocks of colour, copy shapes from above and add fill colour
    Lowest layer: I paste a sketch (of a house floor plan) Trace it in the layers above.
    So when I use Designer, I find that I have tens or hundreds of layers and I find it difficult to have control over what object is on top. I am constantly moving an object up the layers palette.
    In Illustrator, I lock other layers and draw my lines all on the same (top) layer. I know I can click to open the layer and see every object on a sub layer. But that seems to be the default in Designer, that is what I find difficult to work with. For example, how can I quickly copy a shape to the level below and change it's colour. I want all my coloured objects to be on a layer of their own. 
    I should say that I have worked with Designer for about 3 months but I have had to return to Illustrator for now because I can be productive without the confusion in the layer palette. I find nearly everything else in Designer superior for my purposes. 
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    hudson2800 got a reaction from lacerto in Using File> Export on "selected objects" isn't trimming area to just the selected objects   
    Thanks Lagarto. Problem layers they are indeed. I cannot see them, or select them. This is a bit frustrating for someone coming from 30 years of Illustrator. 
    Your solution is fine. My solutions was to just edit the artboard size. Same result, a trimmed image. With illustrator this was only ever an issue with a stray point dropped somewhere, and they were easy to find and delete. 
    I like everything about this software so far apart from the layers panel. It is really testing me!  Shouldn't artboards and layers be separate concepts?
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