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  1. Hi I use a SpyderPro calibrator and chart on all lenses for my Canon 5DMkiii. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.6.7 - is there support for importing and/or creating presets for these calibrations? Also, a related question: does Affinity recognise the camera's "Picture Style" settings? I have a customised "neutral" set that avoids the camera software process. Retaining these features in the colour management workflow is an important factor in the precise reproduction of product colour.
  2. Hi Just getting to grips with the way Affinity manages Raw images. I'm coming from working in Photoshop and Adobe Raw. Manipulating the "Develop" settings I think I now understand up to a point. Please be aware for the following questions that my equipment is calibrated: camera / monitor / print profiles. Then- 1. "Camera profiles". I have a custom colour profile for my Canon 5D & lens combo, but can't find any reference on camera profile import and use in Affinity "Help". How do I import and employ such a profile? 2. The histogram as reference; PS has a very useful "recovery" tool that helps manage highlight clipping. At the moment, I cannot find an equivalent in Affinity. The histogram seems to be relatively unresponsive to changes, but it (and, correspondingly, the image) will suddenly change massively when I view the image under an Output Profile setting. Such large and significant changes to the image are unusual in my PS workflow. Advice please. 3. Then viewing the image for gamut, I get the grey overlay, but this is seemingly incorporated into the image, and cannot be removed. How do I work with the gamut warning to reduce saturation in problem areas? 4. At this point I end up being unable to close the image, with a cycle of messages asking me to "Cancel" or "Develop"; hitting either button doesn't get me out of the loop. I have to hit "Force Quit" the programme to continue... Overall, an in-depth manual on RAW processing workflows in Affinity would be very useful! Looking forward to hearing from you... OK, found solution to 2,3,4 by searching through other posts.... just now need answer to point 1. Thank you.