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  1. I tried the beta version of Affinity Photo and it does not bring any improvement for the big pixels on some of my NEF files. I get the same behavior as described above and this is annoying. I am starting to regret having chosen Affinity Photo instead of Lightroom CC. Anything else we can do or try?
  2. Thanks for your feedback, I contacted Nikon France who had my camera just before I started to go on vacations and when I talked about the red dots they told me to bring back the camera to the store for another check. Looks like they may have done something bad on my sensor in the end. When I return home early in August I’ll check that and keep you all posted about the results 😉
  3. Ok, i found a way to have them ok in Affinity Photo by sending the picture from Photos to Files. Once done I can open them correctly with Affinity Photo. 👍
  4. Unfortunately no, it appears on other pictures as well. See below another picture with the same behavior as well as the original raw files. FIL_5437.NEF FIL_5438.NEF
  5. Hi DM1, How do you drag an image onto an app icon on an iPad? 😁 I tried from Photos to do it but it did not work. Any suggestion is welcomed.
  6. I tried them all but it did not change anything, the red dot is still there after the import from Photos 😞
  7. Hi all, When importing some pictures in Affinity Photo I can see a red dot which appears in the middle of the picture which was not present on the initial picture. Below are the 2 same images: 1. The original duck in Photos 2. The imported duck in Affinity Photo Does anyone have seen this problem before? How can we fix it? I am using a Nikon D610 and my version of Affinity Photo is
  8. Hi to the Affinity community, I am trying to process some RAW files from a Nikon D610 (NEF) and after importing the pictures from the memory card to Photos, I import them inside Affinity Photo. The issue I have is that the pictures are imported like if there is no resolution at all, looking like giant pixels. Here is attached 3 files: 1. The display of the image in Photos 2. The message seen during the import of the picture from Photos 3. The result of the Import Does anyone have seen such behavior before and is there a way to fix it? My version of Affinity Photo is: 1.9.2.
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