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  1. I can confirm @NathanC that your solution and information/guidance resolved my issue!! Thanks for the support 👌
  2. Wow thanks for pointing this out!! I was not aware of this config detail. I opened the Pre-exported .afphoto file and I double clicked the embedded image being used and yes I can also see that it is sRBG. I changed it to CYMK / FOGRA39 and yes I can also see a colour saturation change! I need to retrace my steps I think and go back to the original PDF I 'placed' in the Pre-exported .afphoto file to create the A3 and A4 doc setup and make sure that embedded image is CYMK. This has been a great help for this issue and also for future print projects 😊 Thanks for looking into this @NathanC! and the fast responses. The forum has really been valuable. If I need any more assistance on this same issue will add an update. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks @NathanC When I created the Pre-exported .afphoto file, I made sure the colour format was CYMK/8 and Profile was FOGRA39 for the full document in 'Documents >> Convert Format / ICC Profile' and then exported the PDF. When I open the Pre-exported .afphoto file on my Mac (the .afphoto file I uploaded to dropbox) and check the colour format and Profile I can see that CYMK/8 and FOGRA39 are set. When you opened Pre-exported .afphoto file initially, did you see sRGB?? Because when I sent the exported PDF to the print service, they said their converting software detected that the PDF was using RGB and therefore needed to be converted to CYMK......and this is where we see the colour difference issue. You said that you 'converted the embedded document from sRGB to CMYK FOGRA39'. Is there different process for converting the embedded document from sRGB to CMYK? Because I do think I am missing a config step that is causing the colour difference. Thank you
  4. Thanks @NathanC for the reply! I have uploaded the pre-export affinity file and the 'CMYK' PDF I supplied to the print service. I have also added the 'converted' print ready PDF file which is generated by the print service pre-print for you to review also. This PDF is called 'dp1234477-001printready.pdf' Thanks for the support 👍
  5. Hey there, I am attempting to prepare artwork for print. I have sent four different designs to a print service and I have followed their recommendations to use CYMK format with FOGRA39 profile because this is industry standard for printing press. My original designs were created using standard RGB. I then created the PDF template files that have CYMK format with FOGRA39 profile set and dropped in my designs. I edited colour settings to fix any discrepancies as best I can and exported as PDF to send to the print service. However when the print service 'export' my uploaded PDFs to make them 'print ready' for their print workflow (CYMK format etc) , these PDFs are available to me in my account and they have increased colour de-saturation. The print service has also advised that two of my PDFs are in RBG format and this explains the colour de-saturation for the two most colourful illustrations. But I have definitely exported the original PDFs using CYMK format and FOGRA39 profile. In an effort to troubleshoot this, I have downloaded the converted 'print ready' PDFs. When I view/open the PDFs in my MacOS Preview application, I can see the colour desaturation. See attached PNG file 'PDF-viewed-in-iPad-viewer'. However when I open using Affinity Photo the colour saturation, brightness and contrast are what I want. Please see attached PNG 'PDF-opened-in-Affinity-photo'. I have attempted to search for an answer on the WWW but I am bamboozeled. So I am aiming to have my images as close to print ready using CYMK. However Affinity appears to be not showing accurate CYMK colours so I can 'proof' my artwork for the printers. And possibly not exporting in the selected CYMK format and selected profile. MacOS 12.3.1 running Affinity Photo Version 1.10.5 I see the same behaviour on iPad Pro 12.9 2021 with Software version 15.4.1 running Affinity Photo Version It is very possible I am missing something or doing something incorrectly so I am here to learn and get things right. Thanks in advance!
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