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  1. I'm heavily disappointed with lack of bleed preview in Affinity Designer. It's essential, omg.
  2. It's about six months while exporting standard .pdf file more than A3-size is crashy. Can you imagine exporting simple file in 20 minutes?!?!?! It doesn't matter how many layers artboard gets, it's just a size matter. B2 format needs about 30 minutes to be exported (after that gets only 15mb, and .jpgs are ok). I managed to export a 4 meters banner only twice, because it takes some about 3 hours. I was testing the same designs in Adobe Illustrator and it took 2 minutes. Just to be clear: I have the newest Macbook with the most upgraded version you can imagine. I'm deeply disappointed.
  3. +1 very imporant tool with multiple uses and next feature to stand out ;) thanks
  4. Hi! When an artboard has n.5px height, slices in export persona can't be vertically aligned to a grid. The same issue might be in horizontal direction. Thanks, Janek
  5. janek

    Snapping too buggy and Unrealiable

    Hi, I'm trying to use snapping to grid. I've already read few topics and watch again shared videos. It just doesn't work in Affinity Designer 1.3.2. I've played with all settings like pixel perfect, snap to grid, ui preset etc. Points are not on the grid, I can't use it to design simple icons. What's (might be) interesting, in Affinity Photo the problem is gone... What's more I can't see those green and red lines as well. :( Any help with that? Thanks in advance.