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  1. Working on project with Designer

  2. Ok, thanks. Will bitmap files be supported in the future?
  3. Can anyone suggest an app or a way where I could import AF files (either as Af form or image form), and create an animation (frame-byframe)?
  4. I just had a look at the current feature roadmap, and grids/graph improvement is scheduled. Anyway, I think users would be more happy if we had a Guide Line tool, placing a line in a layer that is automatically set to be above all layers, current and added. The guide line tool would allow the user to draw what would look like a normal line, but with the ability to allow the user set the degree/angle of gradience at the 'Transform' tab, and also would allow snapping be enabled across the whole line, not just the vector points. This would allow point perspective drawing and graphics, and other possibilities currently not supported. The line should also be allowed to curve, enabling the user to create abstract graphics, or even implement the golden ratio. It would be great if this was supported, or added to the roadmap, thanks.
  5. Also, couldn't the AF team use the keyframe animation features in DrawPlusX8, and import them to the Designer app?
  6. Wow, I have actually never heard of Motion before! I checked Apple's website on this, but it doesn't look that promising- Not many upgrades, more dependence on Logic Pro, and it looks a bit more like a side project for Apple. But anyways, I might use it if I really needed to, thanks for the suggestion!
  7. A scaled down version of the Affinity suite for iOS would be great for editing and designing on the go.
  8. A new animation app/feature would be extremely useful, and greatly appreciated. Features such as frame by frame animation are currently supported by the Adobe Suite of products, but are not apparent in Affinity apps, which may deter some potential customers, of which there are many. I, myself, preferred the Affinity suite of apps instead of other ones because of the more intuitive and better-looking interface, the price, but mostly because it was a pay-once purchase, not a subscription service. I was disappointed that animations were not supported, although it was not extremely important to me, but to others, animations could be a must-have, turning them away from Affinity. Affinity(products) is already great, and a cheaper, more-friendly alternative than some other products offered on the market for students(like myself), designers, photographers and more, but an animation feature would make it even better.
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