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  1. Is it possible to do the drop shadow effect in the example in designer? This is only in designer without opening another app or a plug in Thanks in advance.
  2. I struggle with the notion that basic text formatting (or however you want to call it) would significantly add to the size and speed of designer.
  3. Interesting. One of the steps I tried was with the node tool, but not where you did. Thanks for everyones help!
  4. If this is already suggested please delete. I would like to be able to select a layer with an object (ellipse, square, cog, etc) in the layers palette (studio) where I can covert to curves when I right click it. Not sure why I have to be in the illustration to achieve that...? Again, if I missed this in my search and it's been addressed please let me know.
  5. I know some people find it annoying, but I use the double tab to make a full stop in a sentence a lot. I can't seem to find it in any of the Affinity Apps on the MacOs and I would like to see it implemented. If this is already been requested I'm sorry I missed it, feel free to delete this post.
  6. This is something I used to use a lot when I used Macromedia FreeHand (before Adobe bought them). In FreeHand I could take a say three strokes with different colors, assign it whatever attributes (all matching aside from color) I wanted then have then select all three and say make a gradient. I could assign the number of steps in between each original stroke (again they all had to match) to make a custom gradient that I could edit the shape of. See Attached. Also a warp tool for vector shapes or vector groups. I know there is a skew feature, but that doesn't always work. I'd like to be able to use say the node tool on a group and using a modifier key let me do basic bending of an object. Gradient_Feature_Request.pdf
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