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  1. Same problem. Even moving simple primitives just lags it terribly. Using combination apple+3rd party displays with both workstations. 2 apple+dell on first and 1 apple+samsung on second. Super annoying.
  2. Since the last update, performance has tanked on A.D. both on my Mac Pro at work and my iMac at home. Super annoying!
  3. Supplier compatibility with .pdfs I'm having some compatibility drama with several suppliers when they get my Affinity Designer .pdf's. I've tried messing around with the dialog options but no luck. At the moment I am opening the .pdfs in Illustrator and re-saving them before sending them on to get around it. There's some essential niggling issue to work out though. Unnecessary flattening (rasterising) vector artwork that has Outline applied. There's also some problems with flattening before export where some vectors are being rasterised unnecessarily. I found the issue there was I was setting an outline (FX->Outline). Removing that and asking the supplier to recreate it fixed that issue. Seeing as you are going into production on Windows soon these are issues you might want to look at prioritising. PDF is pretty much a universal format for production now. Really appreciate your product btw. It allows me to rapidly design just about anything - particularly love that it's so comfortable to use I can sit down and flesh out ideas and designs together with clients while they are in the office. That's something I would never have attempted with clunky old illustrator. Kudos :) - John
  4. I know this has been asked at least a couple of times, but I am still needing to copy, edit in illustrator, then paste in order to perform transforms (rotate, scale, move) on selected nodes. Can we please get either an indicator of whether this is going to be addressed soon or any workarounds/workflows that can make this less painful? The more I dive into original works in Designer the more I don't understand how artists cope without this capability? Many thanks in advance - John
  5. Thanks Chris. That solved the problem. Genius! Cheers, John
  6. Hi, Since the last update (1.3.5), every time I move to the Export Persona I am unable to move back to the Draw Persona and have to quit the app and restart to get back to Draw. All the persona icons go grey while in export and none can be selected. (screenshot attached). Sincerely, John