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  1. Hey @Dan C @MEB, I noticed that there was a Windows beta also available after reading the previous comment about a MacOS beta. I've downloaded it and found that the Fujifilm images are now in colour which is great, thanks for fixing that! I've run some initial tests and have found that when I apply curves after stacking the images there are no peaks present in the curves window, whereas when I carry out a stack of the same Fujifilm images that have been converted to TIFF files I do have peaks present in the curves window (images attached). I noticed that in James Ritson's youtube video on editing astrophotography images he has rgb peaks in his curves window (image attached). I am new to astrophotography editing so not sure if this is user error or a bug within the beta version? I also tested stacking the images in the beta version, saving the file, then opening in the normal affinity photo and had the same issue. Thanks again for fixing the issue with no colour being present in the Fujifilm RAW files! givnik
  2. Hey Dan, I have the same issue with no colour in my images. I'm new to astrophotography so this could be an issue on my behalf however, I also find that when I include flat files I have what looks like a bayer sensor pattern on the flat files in the astrohphotography stacker as well as the final stacked image even though the JPEG version of the flat files are all white. Is this a software issue or my own error? Additionally, when following the youtube video by James Ritson titled Editing astrophotography images (Affinity Photo) I am unable to bring out the detail of the galaxy through the curves tone stretching process, rather any adjustment just lightnes the whole image quite drastically. Is this due to the files being in black and white or again my own error? I have uploaded a folder named "givnik_fujifilm raw files_afinity photo" to the above dropbox link with a set of photos I took of the bodes and cigar galaxy. This includes light, dark, flat and bias frames. My camera, lens and settings were as follows: Fujifilm X-T3 camera Fujifilm 100-400mm lens Raw uncompressed RAF files Thanks and look forward to this issue being fixed.
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