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  1. Here is a screenshot of what I have. Is there a way to create a folder or a new category to put specific styles in it?
  2. For now, I am only using Publisher to paste text I already created in a text processing application, but it would be easier if I could create the text directly in Publisher. For this, I would need a text processing environment directly in Publisher, like in Adobe PageMaker. Is it possible to implement such a function in a future release?
  3. I am trying to sort the styles I created, group my own styles, and separate them from the default ones, but I don't seem to understand the logic behind it. Is there a way to create a Styles folder and put styles into this folder in the Styles tab, for example?
  4. I have been trying this with the newest version of Publisher, and managed to select a frame, and create a Text style. It looks like the new Text style is a copy of this frame's Text style. I am trying to grab it and put it onto another frame, but nothing happens.
  5. Is it possible to set the Top Align, Center Vertically, Bottom Align and Justify Vertically options in a Text Style?
  6. I am trying to use as less files as possible for comic projects using the same pages (digital/print editions, reprints, trade paperbacks, revised editions, etc.), and I think one of the ways to do this would be to have the option of grouping Page thumbnails into folders, and having a check box beside each page and folder. This way, we could just check the pages to export in a project before exporting it to PDF for example. Would it be possible to have such an option in Affinity Publisher?
  7. Still no way to save Interface Layouts? I just updated Affinity Designer & Photo to versions 1.6, and both my custom interfaces are gone, replaced by the default ones. Saving Interface Layouts would help, at least in this instance.
  8. Great! Believe it or not, I totally forgot that there already was a command for this:) I'll rephrase what I wrote then: Is it possible to have the Edit in Designer and Edit in Photo commands as Persona buttons? It would be even faster to switch between Apps this way.
  9. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for more than a year now, and so far, I haven't seen any layer or layers group that I couldn't paste in both Apps with all their functionalities intact, which is totally great! But the downside is that it forces me to create many redundant layers in 2 similar files. When I work on an image file in Affinity Photo for example, I sometimes need to save this same file as an Affinity Designer file to work on it with different tools in Designer. Then, if I edit the original image file in Affinity Photo, I have to replace manually the corresponding image layers in the Affinity Designer file by the updated ones. I suppose there are a few ways to get around this, but there is also a very simple solution: the afdesign and afphoto formats look basically like the same format, the only difference, as far as I know, being the application it opens the file into. So why not create an Affinity Designer button in Affinity Photo, and an Affinity Photo button in Affinity Designer, which would allow us to open the current file in the other Affinity App? Let's say I have created an image in Affinity Photo, and I need to add a compound shape for example. I would click the Affinity Designer button in the Affinity Photo App, which would open the file seamlessly in Affinity Designer, then I would create my compound shape, click the Affinity Photo button, edit it further in Photo, etc. The advantage of this method is that you are always working on the same file, instead of juggling between two similar files containing identical items that you would have to update manually. Depending on the programming of the Apps, you could even go one step further and replace the Photo Persona in Affinity Designer by a whole Affinity Photo persona when Affinity Photo is installed on the computer, and add an Affinity Designer Persona in Affinity Photo, when Designer is installed. Is it possible to implement such a functionality in the Affinity Apps?
  10. Hi, Could you give us a way to save interface layouts, with customized toolbars and palettes layouts?
  11. Hi, Is there some file we could save in the meantime? Like a plist which would only contain preferences and interface settings?
  12. Is it possible to save an interface layout, with customized toolbar and palettes layout?
  13. Yes, that's what I'm doing right now. A Favorite Category would simplify things.
  14. Could you give us a way to keep all the brushes in their respective categories, and to put the most used brushes in a Favorites category. If I am using frequently a specific brush from a specific artist, I would like to remember the category it comes from. If I just put the brush in a custom category, it disappears from its original one. The only way I have to do this is to duplicate a brush and put it in a custom category, but it would be easier to just right-click it and put it in a special Favorites Category without duplicating it. Ideally, there should also be an indication of the original category the brush belongs to in an Info button next to the brush, in its Help Tip, or in its Edit pane (with an option to lock the original and duplicate it if we edit it).
  15. I could try to recognize it visually, at best. If the brush is here, it would be better than no brush at all. Ideally, it would be a lot better to have an indication of the folder it comes from in an Info button or the Edit pane (with an option to lock the original and duplicate it if we edit it).
  16. To keep all the brushes in their respective categories, and the most used brushes in a Favorites category. If I am using frequently a specific brush from a specific artist, I would like to remember that it comes from his category. If I just put the brush in a new category, it disappears from the previous one. The only other way to do this is to duplicate the brush and put it in a custom category, but it would be easier to just right-click it and put it in a special Favorites Category.
  17. Yes, but is it possible to keep the brush in its category and put it in a Favorite Category without duplicating it? Like an Alias?
  18. Is there a way to create a Favorites folder in the Brushes Pane, where we could put Brushes without having to duplicate it?
  19. Is there a way to import or convert Sketchbook Pro brushes for use in Affinity Designer or Photo?
  20. Of course I can post a screen grab :) If I couldn't, I wouldn't write it. That said, I reread post 4 like you told me, and it looks exactly like what you explained. Sorry for the trouble, and thank you very much for the files and the tutorial :)
  21. Sorry about it, I did look at the files, but I confused clipping and masking. Clipping both groups works, and the shadows look right, but a fine line is still visible at the position where both clipping forms meet. It is visible in your latest file too. Is there a way to get rid of this?
  22. Yes, the clipped shape is visible on the canvas, but it does look pretty simple to do:) Actually I don't think the method I need exist yet. I believe the simplest way to do this would be to create the first group with the two forms, then duplicate it and switch the positions of the forms, then use some kind of "crop layer" tool to just crop the top group like you would the document. This way, everything would be editable very quickly. For now, there is a crop tool to crop the whole document, but not individual parts or layers (at least I think so. If it already exists, I must have missed it).
  23. I am using both, but I tend to use AD for vector shapes. When I first tested this kind of design, I only used two duplicates groups and a mask. It was the fastest way I could find to do this, but as a result, the shadows were less intense in the mask part than in the other part, since I erased a set of shapes with shadows. Is there a way to work as fast (or even faster) with a clipping shape without erasing shadows?
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