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  1. It wold be nice but does not appear to be a priority ;) April 16 2021
  2. The only work around at least temp workaround I have printed the document as adobe postscript and finally opened it in photoshop, my end goal was to open it in photoshop to begin with but without losing the vector quality hence affinity. So the plan was to open in affinity first then export psd file into photoshop but since the gradiant did non look as designed in illustrator when opening it in affinity I had to print it as adobe postscipt first and now open with affinity and export to psd which finally worked ok but I think this should work just with standard ai or pdf files instead of h
  3. No luck I attached screen shots of what it should look like and the results I m getting... https://www.evernote.com/l/AV8UR1DkyM1L5pZG1XaxtTGn7cCvXebaLsc/ should look like... instead it looks like this.... https://www.evernote.com/l/AV8L9iPCo6tMN7zr0LyvhfXwx6Hyu-WWfsw/
  4. ok ill try saving a copy in pdf and then open it in affinity, if it does not work i will post some screen shots TKS for a quick reply!
  5. When I open a doc from illustrator with a gradient the gradient is not aligned the same way it was designed as it appears affinity has some issue with this?
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