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  1. I just had a look again and there is a box that was checked in Photoshop called "Faux Italic". Is there any equivalent in Affinity Photo?
  2. The photoshop italic looks fine. Impact is a font I've used for years and it came with my version of Photoshop, I don't know how Photoshop creates italics but it served my purposes. I'll keep using Photoshop until I figure something out.
  3. Thank you. I checked the link but I don't see any prices, just a "download now" button. I definitely don't want any licensing problems. But I do need an italic version if it isn't too costly.
  4. I have switched over to Affinity Photo from Photoshop for making YouTube Thumbnails. I have a specific style for my fonts and I have managed to recreate most of it, but there is no italics option for the Impact font. I really need the fonts to look the same as they always have looked, so can you suggest any easy workarounds for this?
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