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  1. I have imported Leica dng + jpg from my SD card with SD adaptor lightroom handle all very well and very fast
  2. in Settings > Photos > all is checked except Upload burst photos If I open Photos from Lightroom I get all the RAWs , If I do the same from Affinity only a few are displayed it could be IOS 11 beta 2 ? I know but I cannot get even close to Lightroom quality, it is even better on my MAC with Capture One i hope a lot for the next versions, not new tools but quality first
  3. If I compare Lightroom vs Affinity RAW conversion there is a huge difference , Affinity conversion just doesn't work , it is not usable for professional work , tools and quality are missing
  4. I could save the RAW from lightroom to Photos app and open it in Affinity my camera : Leica M 240 with native dng , look at the screenshot , it is impossible to use your affinity photo, I can see one dng on 20 or 30 ! I am shooting dng + jpg and I dont see the jpg beside the dng, then at the end I am totally blind !
  5. on iPad pro 12.9 2017 please have a look at my screenshot ... all the RAW are black ,it is impossible to browse the library
  6. Hi working on ipad pro 12.9 2017 when I open my photo library in Lightroom mobile I can see at once all the raw and open one of them immediately when I browse my raw in affinity I get black frames everywhere and when I open one it takes much much longer ... any idea why affinity is si slow and buggy to display raws ? --------------------------------- I find Lightroom mobile better than affinity photo for dng conversion but I cannot find the way to open a converted raw in affinity from Lightroom thanks for helping
  7. Hi A feature i'd like to see : new document > I set 300 dpi and I need 20 layers maxi > I want a 4:3rd format > max size should be auto calculated thanks to the team
  8. I'd like to test too !! I am on IOS 11 beta public 2 ans iPad pro 12.9"v2
  9. Hi How can I use a dedicated printer paper profile (Canson infinity baryta) for my Epson SureColor P800 ? it should not be the working ICC space, only for printing thank you
  10. all works perfectly ... on IOS 11 :-) many thanks
  11. Hi IOS 11 , iPad pro 12.9" v2, pencil on IOS I cannot find a way to : - import a photo jpg into a layer or as new layer - deselect a selection - merge layers thank you
  12. On iPad pro (IOS 11) I cannot find the way to add a photo (jpg) on a layer, sorry but it should be more intuitive
  13. Hi I am trying a gradient on ipad pro ... tap and drag a blue to white color but nothing happens, it does not work ... it works only if I draw a line first , then i can use the gradient
  14. I am using x rite as calibration device for my iPad pro 12.9 v2 and the app Color True is Affinity photo compatible with Color True , to check the right color directly in Affinity ?
  15. I have a custom linear ICC profile for my Leica M , is it better to install it on affinity Photo (ipad pro) ?
  16. Hi Is it really worth it to change my iPad pro 12.9 v1 for version 2 (the new one) ? to use affinity photo and the future designer thanks
  17. I am waiting for Affinity photo for iPad Pro too , and no rumors
  18. Is it working now with the last version ? I cannot find it
  19. I'll try whatever version you like for iPad pro ! even a very buggy beta
  20. thats what I was looking for a way to define a range for the transition a very important feature in photoshop I am using it daily
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