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  1. Flobnoit, I hope it works for you! The Epilogs are so awesome ❤️ Makes sense now why your way worked for my laser! I'm still figuring out this transition myself. All of my old Illustrator files have their cutting lines set to .001 and when I imported them they would vanish to 0 width unless I highlighted them with the node tool and change them to .1 (which luckily still reads as a cut). But having to change all my files this way will take forever... (& upvoted those threads b/c that would be a great update to see). You may already have known this but just in case --I did
  2. Hey 🙂 I'm assuming you mean laser cutter vs. printer; either way, I was super stuck until I saw your post... Kept trying to print to the laser and the orientation was landscape/vertical and horizontal/portrait? What? Lol-- But I'd left it set at automatic since that had always worked for me before coming from Illustrator. I switched to portrait after immense frustration and reading what you went through and oh my gosh, it worked... (you can see where I did a test file and the bottom part where it began making the file huge and off to the side...) must have stopped it four or five times. Soo
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