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  1. So I think I find a solution I doubled the high pass filter that I used to sharpen certain parts of the portrait which made it look way too much on Affinity, but great when it was exported Is probably not the way it was supposed to be, but it worked for my picture Thank you all so much for your quick help!
  2. Thanks everyone for the help. Unfortunately the "Force Pixel Alignment" didn't help, as it was already automatically selected and the picture is not as sharp after exporting... Any other idea what it might be...?
  3. Hello you two, thank you so much for your quick response! Could you just tell me... where do I find "Force Pixel alignment" and "Move by whole pixels"?
  4. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me with this.. So I'm new in the Affinity Photo world and I started editing my photos and they look great in the Affinity App, but as soon as I export them to my laptop they don't look as sharp anymore. I already watched the Youtube Tutorial about exporting in Affinity (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTkWrSTirus), which was very useful, but unfortunately didn't solve my problem... Is there anything I'm missing? Thanks! Tamara
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