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  1. This also works with a 50% grey layer. But why is it not possible to work with the dodge and burn tool on the grey layer? Dodging and burning with white and black doesn't give me the decent results I'm used to. Affinity should work on this first, as dodge & burn in my eyes is the most important tool for retouching. Much more important than frequency separation or any other procedure.
  2. I tried to paint in white and black with about 2-5% opacity on a 50% grey layer set to screen. This gives kind of a dodge and burn, but it is not as good as in PSD. I hope that working with grey layers will soon be possible in AP. In the moment it is the biggest disadvantage for me, as dodge & burn is widely used for my photos. Dodging an burning directly on a copy of the original layer doesn't work very good in AP (which is the same in PSD), so I hope they update soon as I want to completely switch over to AP as soon as possible.
  3. O.K., got it. I thought it was destructive because when I came back to crop I couldn't see the rest of the cropped picture anymore. Would be great to have a preview as soon as you start to crop, otherwise you don't see what you are doing. Great to know that the crop is not destructive.
  4. I tried to dodge and burn on a 50% grey layer set to "screen" or "soft light" as I use to do in Psd. Unfortunately that doesn't work. I'm only able to dodge and burn on the layer with the pixel information. That's a big disadvantage. Any ideas? Thanks Norman
  5. Why is it not possible to crop in Affinity without ultimately deleting the pixels? Would be great if this option is available soon. I'm missing it.
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