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  1. Because I want to make an existing scanned document (including sigantures etc.) copyable not typeset it again.
  2. Wether publisher can or can't do ORC does someone know how to at least edit Adobe OCR PDF's without breaking them?
  3. Is there a different way in Affinity publisher to make text from an image copyable in a PDF, thus recreate what Adobes OCR does automatically?
  4. I have tried that but once the PDF is exported, I can once again only select the image not the text.
  5. Well it works in Acrobat DC and InDesign but once I open the pdf with Publisher and export again it's broken.
  6. Here is a simple example. The idea is tho have the image as background and the text be copyable in the PDF. Thank you for your help! Banana.afpub Banana.pdf
  7. Hi, I'm new with Affitity Publisher, so sorry in advance for my question. I wish to include scanned documents in a CV and make the text copyable. I have scanned a Document with Acrobat DC and ran the OCR function. When I add the PDF at the back of my publisher project and export it, I can only select the Background image, not the text. How do I lock the Background so it cant be selected in the exported PDF? For simplicity, the layers have the form - Text (invisible) - Image (with text visible) Best Regards in advance!
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