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  1. Yes, and with all due respect for refinement in large files, there can also be great value in low resolution images, as an option, to conserve bandwidth, with consequent savings for certain kinds of "preview only" presentations, which mobile devices display. Also an important sector will use digitized tools, also using small displays. Photoshop had great options and I miss them. Please do add more aggressive compression options for the web images, which give the photo editor so much control at bare minimum bandwidths.
  2. In case this helps explains the mystery, here is the Finder Info for a single jpg:
  3. There is a mysterious setting in Mac OSX, which suddenly appeared in my work after reading this thread, (and after loosing the continuous version of Photoshop-Bridge due to Mojave); and it somehow drops all the text normally underneath images in Finder/As Icons, so it almost appears like a film contact. The mystery might just be due to the older OSX particulars. Did Apple drop a setting, perhaps because people ignored it? I like this style which also allows a user to change image positions and take screenshots. Here is an unchanged screenshot with black theme pref:
  4. Similar here on MacOSX 10.14.6 Possibly happens when attempting to update a file, because first efforts to save file do save as expected. Also, Save As with a changed name does work if name change is sufficiently changed. UPDATE-Today it seemed as if this was due to saving to another HD; and perhaps Mac/Mojave failed to regard my spare, internal disk as my designated disk for saving files... After further work on a folder with 35 new "afphoto" files, the "Save As" function was not reliable, (after a few more ,new save-attempts). The ability to edit many photo file
  5. Thanks! To everyone, and GarryP's reply about "unlocking layer" was my missing key. The Preview usefulness is still new to my immediate workflow, and to explain this, I am a 29 year user of Photoshop, having stopped upgrading at CS5 some years ago. As a Mac user another app finally forced me to update beyond the CS5- OS compatibility range, so here I am and likely to stay with Affinity and various App licenses which last some years. Also, just learning from thatGuy, it so happens that the command key on Mac apparently rotates the image frame with image, but the pivot point is offs
  6. How may one visually rotate a photo, with a random degree rotation, such as 8º, 17º, 58º, by use of dragging the mouse or cursor? The Crop Tool does this well, but the result is lost after deselecting rotated image! Neither may the rotated result be actually cropped, as a next step. Photoshop does this workflow well, and I wish to avoid work-arounds. My solution seems to be the OS screenshot to capture the carefully rotated result. Next open the screenshot to crop or cut away the blank slivers of photo, around the edges. If there is a method for Affinity to retain the rotation an
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