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  1. That’s a BRILLIANT answer that perfectly explains why there are two systems and what purpose they serve. I will change to text frame columns then as it’s definitely more of a book format. Thank you!
  2. There seems to be two dominant ways of thinking about columns: Column guides (in View --> Guides Manager) and text frame columns (View-->Studio-->Text Frame-->Columns). As someone relatively new to DTP, what are the upsides & downsides of both approaches? I've inherited a doc that lives with Column guides and I'm inclined to switch things over to Text frame columns as it removes a lot of text frame linking ... but before I do so, it would be good to hear from seasoned hands on the pros and cons of doing so.
  3. Amazing! Thank you so much Joachim! I inherited the doc from an InDesign doc that was imported - so the choice wasn't actively made by me, but by previous author. I think the purpose of lifting the heading, at least, is to introduce a slightly less "aligned", slightly more "wild" look to the document, but why the Copy style was set to override the baseline grid I cannot explain, as the override is uniform. I think what I need to do is reconstruct the document from scratch and then know, and feel comfortable, about each choice made, rather than navigating my way through it. Once again, thank you so much for the rapid response. Haven't been a Affinity user for long, but I am slightly developing a crush on Publisher, Photo and Designer right now A super helpful community is obviously a key part of it, so thank you again for the warm welcome and help.
  4. Ha ha ... sorry, I was dragged into a meeting. Please find problem doc attached. problem space between headline and copy.afpub Thank you SO much for taking a look!
  5. Hi Joachim and thank you for the warm welcome. Let me reduce the document to its core problem (there quite a bit of copyrighted graphics in there) and get one uploaded. I have checked the baseline grid and as far as I can tell, the grid is "open" enought that it should fit underneath. One minute, will upload a doc in a second.
  6. Hi, I've got a "Headline" text style with "Space before" set to 20pt and "Space after" set to 0 and the "Next style" set to "Copy". The "Copy" text style is forced to 0pt "Space before". When I write the headline and press enter for a new paragraph, it switches - as expected - to the "Copy" text style. Yet the space beween my headline and the following paragraph is high. What could cause such a space? There seems to be something fundamental about paragraph spacing or text style inheritance that I'm missing.
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