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  1. Thanks for reply Komatös. I have win 8.1 on this Asus laptop. It worked all decent before the crash. After the crash I did a fabric roll back with a fresh (old) windows install that set my system back to 2013. I put in two new ssd's and added another strip of 8gb memorie, thus 16 in totall. After this operations the laptop didn't work as it did before. But I'm buying a brand new PC Tower with win.10 so I don't expect problems with that. Thanks for the effort.
  2. It saves in the same folder from witch it opens the file from. The problem still persists as it does with administrator. There's no way to save whatever file in the native affinity format, wether it's a photo or a drawing; in other words ... in my case it can't save in it's own format! The only way to save a file with all the layers is to export it as a PSD witch is odd. A friend of mine who bought the program a week earlier has no such problems with windows 10. The conversion from native format to psd however colours the content a bit. Maybe it's my videocard drivers since I somehow cannot ac
  3. Actually ... I cannot even save a simple drawing. Can't save anything, none whatsoever. Very weird.
  4. Never since I've freshly reinstalled windows after a total crash a few months ago. I removed the old drives and put 2 brandnew ssd's a 1 terrabite each in it and updated from 8 to 16 ram. Thats why I have no photoshop anymore and bought Affinty instead. No problems with making and saving movies from Davinci Resolve or from audioprograms. I've just updated to version 9.1.1. Same faulty results.
  5. Thanks for reply Lem3. Those I used were not locked. I've unlocked however a locked on but same results. I cannot even save my own photographs by using 'save as'. I opened one and saved it without further ado but the program won't. It does save however by only clicking 'save' (not save as) but that document has zero bites thus no information in it after it's saved. By using the 'save as' option I cannot give them another name either. Could I have a bugged program? I've bought and installed version
  6. Lem3. This is exactly my procedure in Win8.1 . And it doesn't work. See above. Strange!
  7. Here's another attempt. >new >drag and drop picture 1. >Drag and drop picture 2 Save as >new name. It keeps saying 'Failed to save document: <Untitled>'. Despite I tried to saved it many times under other names like, 'test nr 2', it keeps saying that it can't save the document <Untitled>. Having used Photoshop for some 25 years I'm no noob in this matter though.
  8. You are correct that I was not working in a new document. The procedure was as follows; >File >Open >somepicture.png. After that I imported (via place) the second picture into the same document. Then I combined some details from both layers into a third layer. And tried to save it via 'save as' under the same name as it was openend with; witch I could'nt. Then I tried to save it under a new name to no avail either. Third I tried to save the document in a new folder again to no avail. All cases 'failed because access to the file was lost'. second but different approach vi
  9. I keep reporting untill you developers reach out for a solution I saved 2 images (png) from the web on my harddrive. Opened the first one. Copied it to a second layer and placed the next image in the same document as a third layer. I tried to save the whole document to the same folder on the hardrive but failed. How the heck could acces to the file have been lost since it's a new document in the first place (thus not dependent on a existing file) with just 2 imported pixel layers? Can you not solve this very basic operation? I'm going back to PS. This is unworkable for me.
  10. I use no cloud or remote drive at all, just a straight copy from the web without having it saved on the hard drive beforehand. I asume that the program in my case needs a 'source' before you can assign a destination. I give it up and leave the program for what is is.
  11. That is strange Walt! I did this procedure over and over with jpegs with the same non-results. My system runs on win 8.1 64 bit if that might something have to do with it. Strange enough after saying it can't save it however does leave a file on the drive named; 'untitled.afphoto'. When I open this file it say's; this filetype is not supported. I have the payed 1.9.0.
  12. Replicated it with same result. Copied a flower from the web into affinty. Duplicated the layer with a blurr etc. Impossible to save! So, as I said earlier, AF obviously needs a path to an existing file on the harddrive otherwise it won't save the file.
  13. Mark. Yes! copy & pasted an image and tried to save as 'save' and 'save as' to give it a name but both failed. ( File not found. Check the filename and try again, as written above) Haven't replicated this procedure yet since i"m to busy at the moment but I will later on and report it.
  14. Mart. It was a copy and paste picture from the internet like I used to do in Photoshop and added some own made layers to it. So, the problem may be that affinity is looking for a mainsource on the harddrive and can't handle an image from un unknown source. Obviously a memorie issue. That shouldn't be the case though and seems un unnecessary step to me!
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