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  1. Update: the problem persists in version 1.9.1. Documents created in 1.8x containing linked or embedded files cause Publisher to crash immediately when the export dialogue window appears. Tested with two different Publisher (1.8.6) documents, one containing a variety of linked and embedded files, the other included a small number of graphic elements created in Designer 1.8.6. In each case the result was a crash when attempting export. However deletion or replacement of all the linked or embedded files allowed export of the documents to proceed normally. Retention of any external items, irrespective of size or source, will cause a crash.
  2. I reported the same issue last week. The problem seems to rest with linked or embedded images in files created prior to 1.9. Export seems to work in the latest beta ( but I haven't found time to test it thoroughly. Because I had a deadline to meet I reverted to 1.8.6, which I knew worked: that and previous versions are available here.
  3. Same here, repeatedly crashes when the export dialogue opens. Three crash reports despatched to Apple. Tested it by saving different sections of the document and then deleting or replacing embedded images, after which it seems stable. But the document contains far too many images for me to reasonably spend time replacing them all, so a speedy fix to this would be very much appreciated.
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