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  1. @ksrcreative Jon P was sokind and linked the download page in his response. Here again: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/macos/publisher/1/
  2. @Jon PThe content of the file is sensitive. Our Client does not give us permission to share the content with others. But thank you for your response and your commitment to the problem. Also thank you for the downloadlink with the older versions.
  3. We have the same problem, when opening older publisher files in 1.9.0 with linked content (images / vector pdfs). The only way around we found, is to make the location with the linked content unavailable (diconnect the fileseerver where they are stored). Than the file opens but we have to relink everything by hand. That is horrible. Beside this is the new publisher is unbelieveable slow. Are they going to fix it? Where can we download the older version? Thank you for your respond.
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